++Hazni & Mohamad++

Kisah cinta mereka bermula...

Education background :

Hazni - SEGI COLLEGE,Subang Jaya (2003-2007)

Mohamad – UUM Sintok, Kedah (2002-2006)

Working background :

Hazni – Iskandar Investment Berhad,JB.

Mohamad – PROPEL Berhad ,KL

"Jumpe di KL time join porgramme organized by Khazanah Nasional Berhad on august 2008 but x pernah rapat. Then after finish two month programme, we are starting close and contact each other until 6 Sept 2009, he is proposing me to be his girlfriend. Hehhehhe.....difficult to accept since we are in Long distance relationship……but this is we called the fate….Ketentuan Allah……after 8 month we have decided to engaged (18th April 2009) and getting married 8 month after (22th Jan 2010). Begitula ckit jalan cerita kiteorg yg x seberape ini…hehhehe"

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  1. canteknyer bang dengg.. suker tgk.. tapi masih tak dapt dapt lagik camne nak buat watermark tuu