Phottix Atlas All-In-One Transceiver Wireless Flash & Camera Trigger

Distance Test - 100% working in 200 meter without any distraction.

Fully Compatible with Pocket Wizard Plus II (433 Mhz)! You can add Phottix Atlas to your exisiting Pocket Wizard system and sync them together!

A transmitter and receiver in one! Phottix Atlas is Phottix's newest wireless flash trigger and remote shutter release system. Unlike most flash triggers the Atlas is both a transmitter and receiver. Photographers no longer need transmitters and receivers to trigger their flashes, studio strobes and cameras - One remote will do it all!

The stylish remote automatically switches to transmit or receive mode when attached to a camera or flash, and triggers flashes at sync speeds upto 1/250 sec. The 433 Mhz system will trigger Nikon, Canon, Olympus and Samsung flashes and stuio lights at distances of 100 meters or more!
Fire away: Phottix Atlas can be used as a remote shutter release. Attach one Atlas trigger to a camera remote port, and autofocus and shoot with the two-stage shutter button on another. Shoot from 100 meters away - Simultaneously trigger cameras, flashes, and studio strobes with a single remote. A 2.5mm remote port is compatible with Phottix accessory cables for major camera models.

The 4-channel Phottix Atlas has a fire "ALL" function - all receivers on all channels will activate (flashes and cameras) when the transmitter's channel selction switch is set to "A". The Atlas 433 Mhz digital signals are fast and reliable.

Status chec: Phottix Atlas is equipped with two-color status LED - Green when in stand-by mode, and red when triggering a flash or shutter. The LED will flash red when the power levels of the Phottix Atlas' AA batteries run low. The remote comes with a DC power port for adaptor / mains power use.

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