To share our knowledge on how to use DSLR in the world of videography by learning the techniques of using HDSLR.

What is HDSLR Workshop?
As a request from most of our fans who are eager to know and learn how we created such as wonderful videos by using HDSLR, now for the first time, CST PRODUCTION will conduct a workshop known as HDSLR WORKSHOP.

This workshop was conceived as a way to introduce fans and participants about the various shooting techniques and the use of the appropriate lens as well as any other additional equipments such as glide track, stabilizer, mini crane which gives you more freedom and UNLIMITED IDEAS to produce video in such a creative way.

In addition, during this 3 days 2 nights workshop, CST also will provide guidance in order to boost your skills in both theory and practically.

In fact, this is not just a simple talk but a workshop that provides a FULLY LOADED INGREDIENTS which gives you EXTRAVAGANZA BENEFITS that might be useful for you to build your career as a creative professional.

Who Should Join this HDSLR Workshop?

Graduates or HDSLR amateurs who wish to become a professional. This workshop is a place that will unlock the talent trapped inside you. If you have a strong desire to change your life by improving your skills you have the best qualifications to enroll with us.

Wedding videographer who are seeking opportunities to change their videography skills and technique from using normal broadcast camera to HDSLR.

Photographer who are looking to improve their skills and upgrading to shoot video using HDSLR (you got advantage of basic photography skills).

Anyone who are interested in learning HDSLR. For those who are already pursuing careers in creative fields this is the place where you can refresh your skills in the use of latest technology and stay relevant as the industry moves forward.

Why Should Join this HDSLR Workshop?

Learn from the best in the industry

CST is one of the pioneer company in Malaysia that breaking the tradition introduce the latest technology of DSLR in film-making industry. We produced high quality videos which recognized by Guinness World Record and also have been nominated as a finalist in MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards 2010.

Meet the industry experts

This is the only best moment for you to meet and spend most of your learning time focused on practical skills, taught by industry professionals with the skills and knowledge that expertise many years of experience in the field.
Feel the excitement of learning HDSLR

We provides not only talk and tutorials during the workshop, but also you will gain a lot of FUN activities as a new method of learning environment when you involved in activities that unlock your talent, generate your fresh ideas and improve your technical shooting skills.


26, 27 & 28 October 2010 (v1)
12, 13 & 14 November 2010 (v2)

LOCATION : Casa Rachado Resort, Port Dickson

DURATION : 3 Days 2 Nights


Theory : 30%

Practical : 50%

Editing : 20%


This workshop is currently open for enrolment and booking for those who are really interested and eager to learn about HDSLR. However, for this session is only provided LIMITED seats due to a VERY high demand of this kind of program. Therefore, we ONLY prefer and give FULLY PRIORITY for those who already have basic in photography and videography. The limited seats will consider booked once the payment have been made by the participants because we only preferred FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. Make sure you know how to handle your camera, then we’ll teach you on how to shoot good images.

MTV :: Fobia Cinta – Nashrin MY STARZ LG

MTV :: Manifestasi Cinta – Fiq MENTOR

MTV :: Biarkan – Vince Chong AF 1

WEDDING :: Datin Paduka Umie Kalsum & Dato Khairuddin – Highligh

WEDDING :: Faizal & Helis – Save The Date

WEDDING :: Syalim & Idora – Save The Date

WEDDING :: Faizal & Azura – Love Story

WEDDING :: Khairul Hazwan & Wann Farra – Love Story

WEDDING :: Lynn & Faei – Nikah Highlight


RM 1,800 – Individual
RM 1,500 – Group (More than 3 Person)
RM 1,350 – Student (Must have student ID)

GET 10% Discount Booking before 18th September 2010

Term of payment :

Full payment OR,

Booking RM 500 – Full payment before 20th October 2010.



FULL-HOUSE OR 20th October 2010.


Pay to :

CST PRODUCTION – Maybank 512679303916

* Note – Please email us (hdslrworkshop@cstproduction.com) the proof of payment for us to secure your seat.

No fees will be refunded. The organizer have all the right to change, modify, replacing instructor, changing venue, program and anything that organizer think is good for participants. Full cash refund will only be issued if the organizer cancel the program.

2-2A, Jalan UP 1/2,
Ukay Perdana,
68000 Ampang Selangor
Tel: 03-41050843
Website: www.cstproduction.com
Email: hdslrworkshop@cstproduction.com

++Misi Mencari Gambar di Kepulauan Riau++

Sabtu dan ahad lepas aku berkesempatan ikut salah satu trip mengahantar pulang rakyat indonesia yg di tahan atas kesalahan imagrasi. dan saat ni dah lama aku tunggu, kebetulan memang free bulan puasa ni...tak banyak perbezaan tentang cara hidup dan percakapan, cuma senario kehidupan penduduk di sana menarik pada aku ni. Boleh di katakan non-rest selama dua hari disana...projek cari gambar terus bermula walau cuaca panas yg cepat meletihkan aku..berjalan-jalan sekitar bandar sambil snap shot panorama sekitar jeti yg sentiasa sibuk dengan aktiviti pemunggahan barangan. Aku tak tahu apa yg aku nak tulis tp memang seronok utk scenery fotografer kalau ke sana.

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Time Slice

Sesuatu yang betul-betul menarik..berkonsepkan ala-ala Matrix.

" This commercial TV spot,is made with a special technic, called “time slice”or “freeze time”,or “bullet time”.

They are using 100 digital cameras in a special arrangement to take 100 still shots in order to using them as video frames for the “3D” movement into the scene.

All cameras are controlled and triggered simultaneously in order to freeze the time.

Two HD DSLR cameras are placed in the platform for the video need’s of the project."

ArtCreative Photography
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++Nature & Beauty Outing++

Teknik serta pengolahan mengikut cara dan citarasa aku, mungkin ramai yang telah faham tentang apa yang cuba aku terapkan dalam Off-Flash Clinic aku sebelum ini. Tentang kombinasi permainan cahaya + bukaan lensa + latar subjek + latar depan, dan semua kombinasi yg sempurna pada pandangan aku akan membentuk satu situasi yg aku minati.

Permainan DOF yang aku dedahkan bukan bertujuan utk pembersihan latar belakang yg sempurna, tapi lebih kepada impak texture yang terhasil dari bukaan lensa dan penggunaan titik fokus tahap maksima.
Setiap latar yang aku pilih akan menjadikan texture yang terhasil itu sebagai satu kepuasan.

ArtCreative Photography
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++Conceptual Trash The Dress++

Merealisasikan satu konsep yang dah lama aku rancang...
Kamera : Nikon D700
Lensa : Nikkor 70-200mm VR F2.8 + CPL
Focal Lenght : Pada jarak maksimum 200mm
Aperture : F2.8 - F4
Shutter Speed : 1/250
ISO : Low
White Balance : Kelvin 5000

Koleksi lain gambar sila Klik di sini.

ArtCreative Photography
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++15 Questions for You Wedding Photographer++

1. General – What You Need to Know

Wedding Photography is no easy subject and interviewing potential wedding photographers can be a daunting task. Regardless of if you are hiring the Lin and Jirsa Wedding Photography Team or another studio, we have created a listing of 15 questions to help you find the perfect photographer for your wedding day.

While this list is an exact reference of what questions to ask, make sure though that during your meeting and conversation, you are also paying attention to the soft-skills that are mentioned in our section “How Do I Choose a Wedding Photographer.”

2. What is your primary style?

This should be your first and foremost question as this is the style of photography that interests you. Lin and Jirsa Wedding Photography are primarily photojournalists with hints of fashion and fine-art influenced wedding photography techniques. For more about our wedding photography style and philosophy, check out our About Us page.

If you are seeking photojournalism, make sure you read our section titled “What are Wedding Photojournalists” in order to ensure you are actually getting a photographer that specializes in this area.

3. How many weddings have you shot, and have you shot ones similar to mine?

This question is a great one to get an idea of how much experience your photographer has in general. Years are generally not a good gauge of experience since some wedding photographers may work part time and only shoot 5 weddings a year on weekends. Thus, maybe they have 5 years of experience, but they have only shot 25 weddings. Again, look at our experience gauge in the “How Do I Choose a Wedding Photographer.” section for a gauge on what we consider experienced.

4. How many times have you worked specifically as a wedding photographer?

This question is designed to find out if your photographers are specifically wedding photographers, or if they are “one-stop-shop-photographers.” More specific, you would be better off looking for a photographer that specializes, not only in wedding photography, but in the style of wedding photography that you are looking for.

5. How many other events will you photograph that weekend?

Larger studios with multiple master photographers (such as Lin and Jirsa Wedding Photography) will often double and even triple book dates since we have the resources. However, smaller studios may plan multiple weddings on a weekend without having the resources. Imagine a studio with a single wedding photographer shooting 2-3 weddings on a weekend. The attention to detail and to client service could suffer in these circumstances.

6. Will there be a contract of the services to be provided, if so, can I get a copy?

There are a lot of studios that don’t create contracts for their wedding photography clients. You should require a contract from your photographer that details what services they will be providing, pricing, termination resolution terms, etc. A contract is created for your protection, and for the wedding photographer’s protection. It is best to hire a photographer that will create a contract with you, and be wary of photographers that “don’t typically create contracts for clients.”

7. What happens if the photographer is ill?

While it is unlikely that the photographer happens to get ill on your wedding day, there is still a chance. It is crucial that the photography studio does something to take care of the situation in case of illness. Lin and Jirsa Wedding Photography has three equally skilled master photographers (Pye, Chris and Justin) that can take over in case someone is sick.

8. Do you have insurance?

Professional wedding photographers should have the proper insurance for their business. Insurance protects the photographer against equipment theft, but more importantly it provides liability protection in case Great Aunt Sophie trips over the photographer’s bag and breaks her leg. If a wedding photographer does not have insurance, chances are that they are new to the industry, or simply aren’t taking their business seriously.

Lin and Jirsa Wedding Photography carries general business, equipment and liability insurance.

9. Does the package I am interested in include an assistant?

If your wedding has 50 or more guests, you should make sure you step up to a package that has an assistant photographer. In addition, aside from wedding site, there are many moments in which one single photographer cannot cover completely alone. There is no way to capture the first kiss, and at the same time turn around and get the tear in mother’s eye.

10. Does your studio allow me to choose a certain style of post production?

Another factor in how your pictures will look is the style of post production that the studio employs, that is to say they do post produce your images. Be extremely careful, as many studios don’t post produce your images; rather they give them to you unfinished and straight from the camera. In this situation, you are not receiving a finished and professional product.

Unique to Lin and Jirsa Wedding Photography is a Post Production Catalog. While we specialize in timeless post production techniques, we allow each and every client to select which styles of post production they like, which we use to then post produce their images.

11. Will you color correct my images?

Color correction is the most basic post production that should be done on every single image. Many photographers will not color correct any, or will only color correct “select” images from your wedding. This means that you may have a lot of pictures where your skin tones are orange, yellow, red or even blue.

Lin and Jirsa Wedding Photography color corrects every single image from your wedding in order to make sure each and every image is a professional quality product.

12. What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have backups?

Our studio uses top quality camera bodies (5D Mark II) along with the finest quality L lenses from canon. Click here to see exactly what’s in Our Photography Toolbox. While wedding photographers don’t necessary need the best of the best, it is important to have a good set of equipment. Make sure your photographer has at least the following items along with backups. Nothing would be worse than for the photographer to miss half of your weddings because his camera or lens broke, and he didn’t have a spare.

We have prepared a list of must have equipment that we believe a professional wedding photographer should have. This is a bare minimum list, so be wary of any wedding photographer that doesn’t have these items.

Primary camera body

  • Lowest Level Professional Body – Canon 40D or Nikon D300
  • Highest Level Professional Body – Canon 5D Mark II or Nikon D3

Secondary camera body

  • At least a Canon 40D or Nikon D300

Lenses (these are must have lenses)

  • Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 L IS USM (or Nikon equivalent)
  • Canon 24-70mm F/2.8 L USM (or Nikon equivalent)

On camera lighting

  • Canon Speedlite 580EX II (or Nikon equivalent)

Off-camera lighting (for large dance floor type scenes)

  • Canon Speedlite 580EX II (or Nikon equivalent) w/ Pocket Wizard Trigger
  • Full studio flash w/ Pocket Wizard Trigger (or equivalent)

13. Should my event last longer than scheduled, will you stay? Is there an extra charge?

Knowing up front the photographers policy on overages is critical. You don’t want to be surprised when your wedding photographer asks for an additional $1,000 before they release your pictures to you. Even worse, you don’t want your wedding photographer to just pack up and leave when their time is up.

14. What attire will the photographer and their assistants wear?

Even though the wedding photographers are a big part of the wedding day, it’s important that they are not distractions. As such, it’s important for the photographer to blend in as much as possible. Furthermore, for religious or cultural ceremonies, there may be certain colors that are considered taboo. Make sure your photographers will be dressed appropriately for the occasion. Typical Lin and Jirsa wedding photography attire is black suit pants with a black polo or dress shirt. We dress completely in black because we want to go unnoticed by the clients and guests so that we can capture the event as photojournalists.

15. How long after the event will the proofs, album, etc be ready?

Each wedding photography studio varies in the time it takes to produce and deliver your pictures. Studios that do not do any post production or color correction may try to entice you by saying your photos will be ready the next day, or even within a week. However, most studios that develop and produce their images will take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months.

Lin and Jirsa Wedding Photography has developed a consistent production schedule in order to deliver an amazing product in an exceptionally quick manner. This schedule can be seen below:

  • 1-2 Weeks after event – Album design ready, blog teaser posted
  • 2-3 Weeks after event – Proofs are available online
  • 3-5 Weeks after event – Album is delivered (this depends on how much revision is required from the original album)

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